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Unit Trusts


Unit Trusts

First Capital Liquidity Plus Fund is an actively managed fixed-income fund targeting attractive returns in excess of cash/deposit interest rates. The First Capital Liquidity Plus Fund is an open-ended Unit Trust Fund constituted in terms of Namibian laws and invests in short to medium-term debt instruments. The fund is actively managed within transparent guidelines and offers security of capital, liquidity, and competitive sector related returns. Our Unit Trusts is regulated by NAMFISA, and investors can be confident that, while they are subject to investment risks, they are not likely to be victims of fraud or embezzlement.

First Capital Treasury Solutions (Pty) Ltd  has been appointed as the Fund Manager of the First Capital Liquidity Plus Fund. First Capital Treasury Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a licensed financial services provider established in 2009.

The primary investment objective of the Fund is to provide it’sunit holders competitive returns from a portfolio of low risk, short duration assets while maintaining high liquidity.

The Fund is suitable for investors who:

  • ● are conservative and are temperament towards risk-reward trade off. ● have a short-term investment horizon less than 3 years; and
  1. ● wish to temporarily liquidate or reduce exposure in equities.

The Fund is ideal for investors such as Pension Funds, Corporates, Insurance companies, Charities, Public Sector,SMEs, Individuals, and other Professional investors with cash on their balance sheets

Investors can start by investing a small (Minimum) amount which can be a lump sum or optional monthly contribution listed below:

  • ● Individuals N$500.00
  • ● Institutions N$10 000.00
  • ● Scheduled/Monthly N$250.00

Institutions have monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual payment options

Your investments are 100% liquid, and you may access them at any time. If you action a sell, the money will be deposited into your bank account within two working days. No fees are charged on withdrawals.

Low to Moderate risk with capital preservation