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Home Loans


Mortgage Loans

First Capital Housing Fund (The Fund) was established in2011 with an initial investment from the Government Institutions Pension Fund to pioneer a new way of providing home loans to GIPF members to enable them to acquire and develop affordable housing. GIPF members can borrow directly from the Fund and use the loan for permitted purposes.

GRN employees are financed 100% and others are limited to 90% of the property market value. The applicant’s current age should not exceed 60 years. The loan granted is for housing-related costs and cannot be diverted for other purposes.

The loan must be used only for the following purpose:

  • ● To purchase a residential house.
  • ● To buy land and erect a dwelling on it.
  • ● To make additions, alterations or to maintain or repair an existing dwelling. 

To qualify for a loan from the Fund:

  • ● You must be a GIPF member.
  • ● You must be a permanent employee.
  • ● Have an income capacity to service the loan.
  • ● You must have a good credit record.

A complete application form and all other attachments should be submitted to FCTS the company responsible for receiving and scrutinizing all loan applications. The GIPF will not be involved in the loan administration process. 

The loan repayment period is based on the applicants’ years to retirement. Monthly instalments are calculated based on the applicant’s loan amount, current interest rate and loan term. All deductions are done through the employer salary deductions. 

The maximum loan amount that we are giving is N$1 500 000.00 (cost inclusive) in Windhoek, Okahandja and Swakopmund. In other towns we only finance up to N$850000.00 (cost inclusive), Sectional Title properties are financed only 80% of the market value and one unit per complex.

The Fund only finances in proclaimed areas that are under Municipalities or Town Councils and have all the basic infrastructure such as roads, water, sewer, and electricity. The Fund does not finance building in the village. 

  • ● Affordable interest rate (Repo Rate/Bank of Namibia rate plus 4%).
  • ● Flexible loan term: 1 to 20 years.
  • ● Zero deposit options.
  • ● Low closing costs with no hidden fees.
  • ● Flexible qualifying ratios/take into account full government subsidy.

● Latest Certified Copy of ID (Spouse ID if married).

● Latest Salary Pay Slip (Spouse Pay Slip for Joint Applicants) – None Bonus.
● Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if Married) or Divorce Decree (if Divorced).
● Proof of Government Subsidy Scheme/Letter of Confirmation from Employer.
● 3 Month’s Bank Statement (Salary Account).
● Land Outstanding Balance/Statement (if Any).
● Loan Statements (for Loans on Pay Slip).
● Purchase Agreement/Deed of Sale/Reservation Letter.
● Proof of Land Ownership/Title Deed/Allocation Letter.
● 1 x Construction/Renovation Quotation (Signed by Client & Contractor).
● Building Agreement, Building Plans A4/A3 Size & Building Permit (if Building/Renovations).
● Life Insurance (Mandatory).
● Fire Insurance (Mandatory).
● Tax Certificate (Applicants, Seller, Contractor)